Port of Paris

Ports of Paris’ mission is to develop inland waterway freight and passenger transport in Ile-de-France through the development, maintenance and operation of port facilities in Ile-de-France. The port will play a key role in the development of an action plan for the implementation of a French pilot on the Seine in Paris in 2021-2022. The aim is the creation of a strategy for a H2 bunkering infrastructure in Paris. Objectives are to identify sites for H2 production along the Seine, to pre-dimension H2 production and distribution facilities, to estimate future hydrogen demand, to work on the issue of bunkering, to develop a financing strategy, to clarify regulatory aspects and perform a pre-design study for a H2 powered cargo ship.

The objective is to obtain an approval in principle for a H2 powered vessel to sail on the Seine,  A preliminary engineering design of an H2 powered cargo ship carrying waste from a treatment and recycling hub to incinerators owned by SYCTOM will be developed including a feasibility study to convert part of their fleet to hydrogen. Based on the first findings of a survey amongst key stakeholders, the most relevant refueling options and hydrogen based propulsion systems will be investigated.

Port of Paris Community

A  working group will be set up to define requirements for the uptake of H2 as a fuel on the Seine in Paris.  A survey will be carried out among ship operators, ship owners, responsible port authority and waterway manager to have a full overview of the expected future hydrogen demand and technical constraints regarding hydrogen integration on ship or on land.

The key players of the French action plan (ship owners, operators, public authorities & industries) will convene to lay the ground for the first H2 vessel on the Seine and it will be investigate how to best involve players from the value chain around the Seine in Paris, considering the specific O&M and EPC situation in Paris and social acceptance issues.  Discussions will be initiated with French and European responsible authorities (DRIEA,DGITM, CCNR) and certification companies.

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